Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 130: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (39)

15 Sep

“Dinner on the Cliffs”

Happy Pamper-Her-Friday, Love,

I reserved a table dressed in mocha
befitting summer’s waning days,
With a seaside sunset promised for two
whose vista will amaze,
The cuisine has vowed to delight your palate
but more important is the conversation,
I’ll pour a lush red and for you a crisp white
of full-bodied maturation,
You didn’t think I was attentive to your spoken likes?
It behooves a man his woman to study,
You like your seafood broiled, baked potato unfoiled
And champagne with a hint of almond nutty,
I understand your work is going so-so
as morale unfortunately is low,
Go ahead, I’ll listen, get it off your mind
We’ll take the evening soothingly slow,
You see, pampering is more than petting or gift-giving
There’s also the art of listening,
An interpersonal exchange of time and empathy
A deeper level of intimacy christening,
“But enough about work . . . let’s talk about us,”
you say from across the splendid table,
Our summer’s romance still mirrored by your eyes
You’re the wearer of my exclusive label,
As you take a moment to exhale the week
your chin is rested in your palm,
The air has cooled, we’re one another’s fool
The revelation inspires a calm,
An inner peace from summer days we’ve shared
and many a fabled night,
From the beaches to the mountains and the moonlight drives
Creative lovemaking at its height,
As I freshen your glass, the flutist approaches
with a Kenny G-like serenade,
The beautiful surprise reflected in your eyes
Absolutely no masquerade,
Our dinner was lovely, your company even better
But, come, let’s go meet the shore,
We’ll sandwrite in script what we mean to each other
And our romance will request an encore,
We’re staying the weekend in a cliff-hugging hideaway
where the pampering will begin its second act,
A range of ideas I’ve hatched all week
And my performance will be erotically exact.


Pamper the woman like an endless summer. -Rg2

© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

      Photo courtesy: Marie Mauceri,

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