Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 131: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (40) The Summer 2012 Finale

22 Sep

“Sayonara, Sweet Summer”

Sweet Pamper-Her-Friday wishes to you, My Love,

According to meteorologists,
Summer officially ended moments ago
The weather gods beg to differ, however,
and there’s something I’d like to know:
Would you prefer a tropic landscape
or a lovely scenic waterview?
We won’t call this a romance finale
for there’s much more lovin’ to do
While you’re at work enhancing revenue
and I’m strategizing on market share
Our collective minds are elsewhere
My emotions I’m about to lay bare
June had me eating out of your hand
July saw you wrapped around my finger
August had the audacity to bring us closer
and it shamelessly wanted to linger
The pool-then-shower-at-sunrise mornings
followed by cocoa butter rubs
Fresh fruit picking and holistic skin licking
and pamper-fondling in the sauna tub
Between my nasty and your naughty
some violations may’ve been committed
If only you hadn’t begged for “just a little more”
I might’ve easily been acquitted
Of charges of being an artful summer lover
a clever summoner of your tinglepoints
A petter and stroker, a caresser and holder
The man you felt compelled to anoint
Soother-in-Chief of your summer’s romance
and Oh Great Keeper of the Thighs
Hmm, remember the melted berry cream
and the sweet surrender in your eyes?
The lazy nights and water-balloon fights
and pillow wrestling on aquabed
Table tennis and biking on Venice
Riding double-saddle on motorped
Canoeing on Lake Pandora, you were
awed by ducklings in the distance
Nature reminding us of the preciousness of life
That love is stronger than pride’s resistance
I admit, I was leery–to be true, ashamed
to show you my little house
An unsightly, lonesome fixer-upper
with just enough potential to espouse
You didn’t criticize nor pass a judgment
but saw something special in the buyer
I shed a few silent tears for your grace
Woman, you took me a little higher
Now I know why Barack loves Michelle
and Minister Malcolm so loved Betty
And why Reagan loved his Nancy
For true caring was at their ready
Along our way, something happened
Enchantment came into your heart
I certainly can’t take any credit
I’m not even clear I’ve played a part
But when I peer into your eyes
I see a man who’s found a home
Summer is suppose to be fleeting, right?
But these feelings refuse to roam
I need you, woman. I need you.
There, by God, I said it
My love is stronger than a summer’s romance
It’s truly yours if you will let it
We’ll say goodbye to a season gone by
But I’ve no sayonara for you
As leaves commence their fall at the moment of Autumn’s call
Our romance shall begin anew.


To every season there is Romance. -Rg2

© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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