Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 137: ‘A Romance in Autumn’ Creatives by Rg2 (8)

27 Oct

Feathery Leaves, Calif.–6:19 p.m., Pamper-Her-Friday:

“I’ll Be There Waiting”

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, my Love–in lieu of flowers
I offer my autumn romance,
Before you assume you aren’t worthy of lilies
and dare to look askance . . .

Listen to my voice as I recite what
my candid heart has written,
The first line may be the most evocative
The last stanza affirms I’m smitten,

Somewhere between a throwback gentleman
and a modern renaissance man,
Label me what you will, no matter,
I’m ready to take the stand,

In defense of men who misunderstand
the art of woman-treating,
The last of a dying breed I’m not
But here’s a nugget worth repeating:

Patient talks and paced autumn walks,
Let’s not cease touching hands,
Relationships are not predisposed to failure
unless we neglect to dance,

Not only to music but the rustle of leaves
that rain from October skies,
There’s a bench I’ve scouted near the edge of
Park Place for the lyrics in your eyes,

Will you meet me? How will you greet me?
Will the elation be subdued?
Or will you let it go, that it may overflow
I may elicit the sweetest taboo mood,

When Harry met Sally it wasn’t a given
their relationship would evolve,
What they wanted at 20 would differ at 40
Romance not enough to solve,

Friendship cultivates for longevity’s sake
and the kiss will find its way,
No assumptions I’ll make and no liberties I’ll take
But we can’t keep this thing at bay,

We’ve yet to make love but we’re in love
A double epiphany–can this be?
Come a little closer, this bench is ours
Passers-by and onlookers agree,

A chill in the air is settling in
The leaves are floating like feathers,
Come, place your hand in mine
For I wanna keep you tethered,

To me and I’ll be the autumn pamperer
whom I so eloquently recited,
My place is warm with hot cocoa and gumbo
and, woman, you’re exclusively invited . . . .

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love.


A Romance in Autumn. -Rg2

© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

Image: by floridapfe
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