Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 138: ‘A Romance in Autumn’ Creatives by Rg2 (9)

04 Nov

Tinseltown in Autumn, Calif.–6:59 p.m., Pamper-Her-Friday:

“Be Ready by Seven, Love”

When’s the last time you were pampered, woman?
You had to pay for it? Oh no, how sad,
Well, let’s put an end to that futility: I’m there by seven, in black I’ll be clad

We’re going to see Denzel’s latest cinematic:
The box-office debut of “Flight,”
Then soul-fusion dinner at midtown’s WarmDaddy’s
and live neo-romance poetry to fulfill our night

The buzz is: Denzel’s performance is Oscar-worthy
I forgive him saying Clint Eastwood is still his hero,
I imagine Morgan Freeman begs to differ
For he’s voiced the rhythm of Obama’s flow

Did you early vote, babygirl?
I’ve already mailed in my ballot,
So we share a for-the-people political persuasion?
And you like cranberries in your salad?

Yes, I knew there was something cerebral about you
A woman with a conscious composition,
Tell me a little more about the values you live by
Wow, they resemble my phrase prepositions:

With her man; By her man; For her man
without sacrificing your mind-independence,
You simply want to be treated right
My father pampered my mother, I’ve no resistance

That humanity lives in me, Love
I’m just so selective to whom it’s given,
Hurt has made a few appearances in my life
But I don’t want to stop livin’

And lovin’ with the ease of an autumn breeze
For Christ’s sake, I wanna hold your hand
And when clouds form on the horizon grey
The heavy rains can you stand?

Hold me just a little tighter and remind me
you’ll always believe in me,
I’m a big boy–no need to pacify
But a woman’s tenderness holds the key

You see, life can be so turbulent, you know?
From Hurricane Sandy to the Great Recession,
The earth is rebelling and God is telling
And I’m harboring a closely held confession:

I’m willing to give my woman all she wants–
as this life allows me capable,
But should climate change wipe the material away
Will love-wealth remain on the table?

From whence we come, there shall we remain
in heart, soul, and mind,
Faces you see going up, the same you see coming down
But I’m truly the compassionate kind

Simple pleasures and minor importances
I just wanna create art and romance you,
If you’ll blow an autumn kiss its intent for me
I swear, woman, I’ll give back two

But don’t tell anyone, alright?
That secret’s solely between the two of us,
I’ve noticed this quiet power residing in you
And no inclination for drama or fuss

Yeah, you just want a little pampering, don’t you?
A recognition and appreciation of your treasure,
Well, it takes bounty to know true bounty
Trust me, I’ve taken the fullest measure

Of the preciousness of your autumn romance
I so look forward to your company tonight,
Not a minute will pass my stated arrival
We won’t be late for Denzel’s “Flight.”

Be ready, Love . . . .


Autumn pampering for that special woman. -Rg2

© 2012 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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