Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 169: When Pampering Meets Commerce

07 Jun


Orchard Cove, Calif.–1:27 a.m., Pamper-Her-Friday:


Hey, Pretty Woman,

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday. I want you to do the following; listen carefully.

There’s a new locavore (locally sourced) organic edibles store recently opened on West Orchard and Main Ave. I approached the owner, a warm, personable woman with a lovely entrepreneurial spirit, with a proposition: If she’d incorporate a Pamper-Her-Friday theme into her marketing, I’d all but guarantee a bump in store traffic.

I expected her to brush me off as another empty salesman. But I noticed an inquisitive glimmer in her eye at my mention of the PHF concept. She wanted to know more.

I said, “When’s the last time you were pampered?” She smiled nervously but had no ready answer. I continued, “You believe in good health, don’t you? Isn’t that why you sell pesticide-, insecticide-, and herbicide-free organic produce? You want to promote good health for your patrons, without contributing to the cancer epidemic, or what seems like one, right?”

She couldn’t say no.

She sells a variety of produce separately but also baskets for the occasion-givers. I asked, “What about picnic baskets . . . with spring water/bottled wine and a set of stems as part of the bundle?” A ‘throwback’ idea on my part, but one that is salivating to make a comeback in 2013 because people are realizing more and more the true gift of life and love is ‘simplicity’ after all.

She said I was persuasive but she’d have to think about it. I told her there’d be no expense to her bottom line, not one dollar. I left her feeling ‘pampered,’ in hopes she’d pay it forward.

She called me back the very next day with a “Why not?”

So today marks her first Pamper-Her-Friday marketing promotion; she’s gifting a designated number of picnic baskets to unsuspecting patrons.

And guess what? You’re one of the designees. All you’ve got to do to claim your gift is ‘like’ the Pamper-Her-Friday page on facebook. Yes, that simple.

But listen: Don’t go mentioning this to your friend network. As much as a business would love its marketing efforts to go viral or reach critical mass, Pamper-Her-Friday holds a certain mystique that’s not conducive to mass appeal.

After all, you’re not one of the masses, woman, you’re among a special, precious few for whom pampering is a deserved undertaking.

Lastly, what’re you gonna do with the basket? Share maybe? I know a guy who’d love some organic fruits and veggies, and not just for the fabulous health benefits.

But for your company as well. Perhaps under a huge oak tree with a convenient talk-with-her blanket just waiting to be unfurled. And a jealous sunset in the distance.

Who is he? Well, let’s just say he’s certainly no ’empty salesman.’

See you this afternoon, Love.

Happy Pamper-Her-Friday.



The Art of a Summer’s Romance. -Rg2

© 2013 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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