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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 173: A Pamper-Her-Friday ‘Scandal?’

Kerry Washington

Newlyweds Kerry & Nnamdi--Dynamic Duo

Newlyweds Kerry & Nnamdi–Dynamic Duo




Say, Love,

It appears Kerry’s got her man. It’s anything but a scandal.

Quiet she wanted it kept. And so it was.

I pondered for a moment last night, how does a Hollywood romance differ from a non-public romance, at its very essence?

I remember the virtuoso Tina Turner saying she was thrilled to be away from Hollywood because all the roles she was ever offered were sadly limited to three typecasts: Maid, Mistress, or Harlot.

How have times truly changed for Kerry Washington, I wonder. Her brilliance is undeniable, her acting chops unquestionable, her beauty unparalleled.

But have times truly changed?

Which makes a private relationship, a private romance so very vital to a sane life. I mean, imagine not being able to come home to a sanctuary of true love, unpretense, and genuine caring.

Kerry deserves that, no? And so does Nnamdi Asomugha.

He’s vowed to be the balance, the ballast, the anchor in the ‘scandalous,’ turbulent, troubled waters that is today’s Hollywood.

The NFLer and newly minted San Francisco 49er harbors some special attributes beneath his glitzy résumé that Kerry couldn’t help but fall in love with. In addition to being a highly touted shutdown cornerback, Asomugha is a corporate finance major from UC Berkeley as well as the offspring of Nigerian parents who hold doctoral degrees in engineering and pharmacy.

Kerry’s no slouch as a romance selector, eh? The woman knows what she’s doing.

But what lies at the heart of their union, I wonder. Perhaps no different than what lies at the heart of a non-public union, or what lies at the pit of our union, babygirl: Trust; Faith; and ‘This feels so good.’

The man certainly has taste, does he not? They will do well. You can see it in their eyes.

But give me the ‘non-public.’ My romance doesn’t need the limelight; doesn’t even want it.

I wanna come home to you, my sanctuary in which only you and I are welcome. I love the way you do it–privately.

So let’s raise a toast to Kerry and Nnamdi: To love, faith, fidelity and eternity. May they have them in abundance.

Now turn off the TV and come sit on my lap, woman. I’ve a gift for you that I know you’ll love. Just because.


It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Angel.



Romance lives. -Rg2

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