Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 180: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (52): ‘Undies Optional’

23 Aug

Panties & Wine

“Undies Optional”

It’s five o’ clock on a Friday late afternoon
Work–off; mind clutter–off; undies–off,
I’m making my way there just as soon
On the balcony the music shall be soft

Instrumentally, we, your summer braids flowing free
Women of other tribes want to be you,
Breathtakingly poised in your crescent moon sarong
A nubile warrioress whose power will imbue

Me with unbridled passion and esprit
I’ve been subdued since that first summer smile,
Endless skypeversations and text intimations
Instagramming and Pinteresting me all the while

But no need for electronics tonight, my Love,
All tablets and phablets will be ceased,
Mmm, the sarong enhances your symmetry, Love
I wrote a little diddy called: “Panties Fleeced”

I submitted my RomanceWorks to the publisher
The editor says to send a photo “Pronto!
“A head shot with, preferably, a little bare chest . . . .”
Langston Hughes swag and shoulders like Rondo

But there’s a mystique to uphold, I corresponded,
. . . just awhile more so the works stand alone,
But the woman conjured images, her own set of visuals
It was then that I called your phone

To hear that one voice of authentic inspiration
who knew me when I was lost in the rough,
The dusk bonfires and flower meadow walks
Bedtime love stories recited off the cuff

Little do you know that our summer’s romance
bears resemblance to the creative manuscript,
Except the very last chapter you won’t recognize
For it is there the wine remains yet sipped

And the pampering of you, a sweet tampering of you
I’m about to set it in motion,
There are some naughties I withheld from the page
Keeping the intricacies of my devotion

Where they belong: In the solitude of our body language
So fluent is this exotic lingo,
Lay back and watch me kiss you there
The sprouting’s lush, now let it grow

Your secret garden tonight I will cultivate
Woman, I’m your designated botanist,
Just a little more open so that we can aerate
What, you wanna guide my wrist?

And trace the ridges of my abs
Shadow write your name in fingerscript,
You like? Well, be a bit more vocal
No need to remain tight-lipped

Spoken affirmations and helpless exhalations
impel my performance to the heights,
As with the panties, the sarong is optional
Tonight there are no wrongs or rights . . .

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love.



Pampering is not optional. Ask the woman. -Rg2


© 2013 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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