Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 182: His Romance Manifesto by Rg2 (5): (Rated Rg2: For Gentlemen Only)

06 Sep
Wade-ielle, the Union

Wade-ielle, the Union


A Guide for the Romantic Man:

1) Place your most sincere hand over your heart and–alone first–take the Romantic’s Oath: Do no harm. Yes, you’ve taken the oath before but we as men get weak at times, a bit callous, a little careless in our devotion, in our display of love to the woman. It’s human nature to lull at some point; she’s just as guilty. Then take the Oath in her presence while looking deeply into her eyes. Mean it. She’ll feel it.

2) Ask her, “What can I do to earn a kiss on the cheek from you?” Corny it may be on the surface, but let’s dig a little deeper. The vanishing kiss is no myth. Couples are kissing far less than our grandparents and great-grandparents. Ask any woman, “When’s the last time you kissed your lover on the cheek?” Watch her ponder the question–reaching for an answer.

In many ways, a kiss on the cheek is far more intimate, more revealing, more telling of her feelings than the more conventional liptouch. If she kisses you on the cheek . . . the woman’s in love. (see Gabrielle)

3) Summer’s fading. Autumn’s in view. Take two envelopes, address them both to her. Insert in one a tablespoon or two of beach sand; in the other a couple of fallen leaves. Each with a scribbled note: The sand, something like, “Why did our summer love have to end . . . ?”; the leaves note should contain, ” . . . because our autumn romance promises even more.”

Mail each a day or two apart, the sand one first of course. Notice her reaction upon concluding the second letter. Her eyes will say it all. (Trust me.)

4) Write a “Romance Résumé” and send it to: Her Name, Inc.

Nothing necessarily elaborate or formal. In fact use your business résumé as a template. Head it: “Professional Romantic Objective”:  To occupy your heart. To edify your spirit. To make home the most wanted place on earth. To love you and love again. And again.

Use action verbs liberally: “I rub your feet at request”; “I listen when you need to vent”; “I change oil, repair flat tires, and top off all vital auto fluids consistently”;  “I sautee boneless, skinless poultry & vegetables, flame-grill a lean, tender juicy steak, and/or blend an awesome fresh fruit smoothie upon request”; “I open the door to allow your entry without hesitation”; “I call when I say I will, arrive when I declare I will, pay the bills on time because I know you’re a stickler” (yes, I still write checks sometimes, because I don’t yet trust online ‘everything’–if the U.S. is ever digitally hacked or the grid is sabotaged, the collectors [and FICO] still expect timely payment); “I rub your forehead (it always worked as a kid) and laugh at your sometimes unfunny jokes–because I care”; and

“I pamper. Just because.”  (You’ll never be unemployed. Trust me.)

5)  Suggest and start a Christmas and/or New Year’s Matching Fund–just you two. Offer to match her contributions with a caveat–you’ll double her deposits on each successive Pamper-Her-Friday leading up to the occasion. Gifts for no one else derives from this fund, only for you two. Then grant the other his/her wish–one open wish, the other a surprise. Look back, reminisce on when the fund first began and all the Pamper-Her-Fridays leading up to the special occasion. Look into her eyes and feel her heart.

A couple that saves together . . . stays together. (Money doesn’t finance love. It finances “memories.” Those are priceless.)

6) It’s football season. Ask her her favorite team. On a romantic Pamper-Her-Friday, plan nothing outside the home for the night. Creatively concoct  mixed drinks named for her team: Naked Steeler; Naked Raider; Naked Raven; Naked Niner . . . .

She will invariably ask, anxiously curious: “Why is it called Naked?” Escort her (pick her up and carry her) to the boudoir, retrieve the drinks, close the door, kill the lights, and say simply, “It’s kick-off time, woman.” And save the best for the 4th quarter. Touch . . . and tackle. Feel?

7) Ask her, “If you could create, invent, or sell something that you love to do and want to share it with the world, what is it?” Listen to her intently. Women are full of ideas. Together, apply for a patent or trademark for her long-held dream. And help her market the product or service. Doesn’t have to be a homerun. There’s love in the endeavor. And it may just be a market winner.

8) Take her to a concert featuring her favorite male singer. You’ve choreographed the after-the-show: Her favorite dim-light intimate lounge for light edibles/drinks and neo-jazz ambiance. Along with your drinks, the server hands her an elegant envelope, scribbled on the front: “From John Legend”–whom you two just saw onstage. Enthralled, she opens and pulls out his just-released CD along with a note featuring a poem you wrote.

The trio frontman comes over, introduces himself and asks if he can borrow the note. He returns to the band and then calls you up as a special guest performer. She’s entranced with it all. The piano starts, the bass ensues and the horn joins in–a soft ballad that accompanies your recital. The room is awed. She much more.

You are the true “Legend” on this night. Mesmerized, she.

9) It just so happens D-Wade and Gabrielle are seated across the room in an intimate corner booth, but within eyeview. The three-time champion nods, they both send smiles and vibes your way . . . along with courtesy drinks for two and, alas, another note. “Champions pamper their women,” it reads. You nod back at Mr. Wade graciously. Your date snuggles firmly under your arm. Heaven is real.

10) On a whim, out of the blue, call her and ask, “Do you care about me, woman?” If she answers yes without hesitation, she’s in love. If she says no, she’s fibbing. The woman’s in love.



Pamper the woman  . . . and forever is her romance. -Rg2


© 2013 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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