Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 183: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (54): ‘You are My Creative Content’

13 Sep

GHB-Romantic Dinner


“You are My Creative Content”

I heard Magic tell Arsenio he needs content
creators for his network, Aspire,
Romance, Reality, Drama . . . Clean Comedy
to elevate the viewer a little higher

I thought about you, I thought about us
and the content of our summer’s romance,
unfolding on screens, tablets, and mobiles
An Emmy nomination by chance

I’m writing the proposal, I need your input
Love, come, I need you to lean in,
What about a voice-over competition
Your golden studio voice–a sure win

A car-culture show: “Women and their Wheels”
documenting Detroit’s Renaissance,
Interviews of lady designers and engineers
Muscle cars to lux-deluxe–all that she wants

What about a “Perform for College” documentary?
Profiling higher ed-aspiring high schoolers,
Viewers can crowdfund the next generation
text in scholarship donations like smart poolers

A “So You Wanna be an Entrepreneur?” segment
Sharing successes, failures, and never-quits,
From the mom-and-pop to the ivory tower
Both the business misses and the sweet hits

Gotta have law drama and medical trauma
and people love their cops and robbers,
House-hunting tricks and the celebrity-show fix
Family strife–from the strugglers to the snobbers

But finding romance in this digital age
may well be the sweetspot of the network,
Navigating the turbulent waters of love
Exploring the joy and the hurt

What’s that? A Pamper-Her-Friday primetime series?
Now wouldn’t that be ideal,
Pure genius, woman, I knew it from the start
Only with you can I close this deal

Equal partner, I want you to co-sign
We’ll give this document our blessing,
Hand-delivered to Mr. Johnson
We’ll leave no room for guessing

Now, enough about business
How about a glass of soothing champagne,
It’s Pamper-Her-Friday in real time, Love,
and I intend to make this plain:

Tonight I’m your faithful servant
but with authority to improvise,
and I assure you our creative content
will unfold untelevised . . .

. . . to the break of dawn.




Don’t simply aspire. Pamper the woman. -Rg2



© 2013 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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