Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 196: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (11): ‘The Goddess Wish List’

13 Dec




RE: The Goddess Wish List

I need a goddess tonight. A pure, unadulterated, part-myth/part-legend, brownest-eyes/warmest-thighs, take-me-as-you-want-me goddess. Tonight.

Not a lawyer. Not an award-winning pharmaceutical salesgirl. Not a political candidate with a feminist agenda. Not an internet viral sensation who peters out when followers drift away to the next silly thing. Not a school-board member. Not a singing-show contestant or reality-show diva.

I need a highly vulnerable goddess tonight. I need a vulnerable-’cause-I’m-tired-of-being-courageous goddess tonight. A do-what-you-will-because-I-trust-you goddess. Tonight.

No, not a banker. Not a corporate financier. Not a state or county employee with decent benefits. Not a liberal-leaning social-media-network founder. Not a fashionista or cosmetics entrepreneur. No hair care professional.

I need a soft-spoken, thought-provoking goddess tonight. A fragrant, shoulder-baring, all-caution-to-the-wind enchantress who’s not trying to be–just is, tonight. A perch-on-my-chest-and-prepare-for-the-best tender love. Tonight. A goddess.

Not a nurse. Not a school teacher or higher educator. Not a health nutritionist or marine biologist. Not a global-warming expert or international negotiator of treaties and trade agreements. Not a nonprofit professional. Not an athlete of any notoriety. No, not a celebrity.

A goddess. Damn. A goddess. Tonight.

Not a photographer or photojournalist. Not a poetess with a large following (the smaller, the better). Not a computer-code writer or fiction/nonfiction author. Not a venture capitalist. Not a flight attendant. Not a real-estate professional. Not a cupcake bakery owner nor a fast-food franchisee nor a five-star restaurateur.

Goddess, my need. Tonight.

A wrap-her-legs-around-me, curl-her-arms-about-me surrenderess needing to feel little-girled because the week-long fight for respect, appreciation, equal pay, and adulation is back-breaking, spirit-taking. And replenishment and nourishment and restoration are crucial. Tonight.

I need a woman who wants to feel like, be imbued like, be fueled like, be elevated and ameliorated like . . . a goddess. Healed like . . .

. . . a goddess. Tonight.

I need a I-need-you-to-make-me-feel-special-because-the-world-really-doesn’t-give-a-damn-about-me care-seeker. Tonight.

I need an eager-to-watch-me-decorate-the-tree-and-maybe-hook-a-few-ornaments-herself-while-we-sip-on-Christian Bros.-laced-eggnog goddess. Tonight.

I don’t need a woman. I’m not needing a lady or girl next door. I’m not in need of a “title-” or “status-” or “salary-” preoccupied friendgirl. No half-in, half-out, can’t-mess-up-my-hair prude who must maintain decorum and a semblance of control.

But a my-hands-no-longer-tied, emotions-no-longer-denied goddess, the need.

I need a lover of the holiday season–just because. A sip-and-exhale-all-through-the-night affectionist. A your-hands-are-the-supreme-gift-a-woman-can-receive intimacist.

I need a goddess in need of pampering.


Come, goddess.



What’s on your wish list? -Rg2



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