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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 209: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (12): ‘Enter Nadine’s World’

Haircare Entrepreneur Ms. Nadine Branch, "Hair Doc"

Haircare Entrepreneur Ms. Nadine “Hair Doc” Branch, Owner, Nadine’s World


“Enter Nadine’s World”


Hair can be a messy business, a challenging business. Ask any stylist or haircare specialist. Chemicals. Ever-evolving trends and styles. Finicky clients with fussy attitudes and their miracle-worker expectations.

There’s even an element of risk for clients who entrust their “mane beauty” to someone else. But as the billionaire Warren Buffett once said, “Risk is when you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Nadine Branch knows what she’s doing. In fact, she’s been doing it for more than 30 years: Wash-blow-go; cut-color-texture; chemical straightening treatments from California Smooth to Keratin Complex to Japanese Straightener to Amino Acid treatments et al.; one-on-one client and group consultations; beauty school lectures; webinars and education classes–all the while educating her clients on hair health/maintenance techniques that are tried, true and proven over her illustrious career.

What distinguishes Nadine–known in the industry as the “Hair Doc”–from the countless other hair stylists, artists and specialists in the market? She has fun “Dancing with her tools!” More than a catchy marketing slogan, Dance with Your Tools™ ( is Nadine’s registered trademark and philosophy in action. It exemplifies the method and craft with which she infuses her work.

Nadine has made an art form the craft of using Marcel Thermal Tools on her clients’ hair textures for maximum health, style, and maintenance that complements their cuticles, facial forms/profiles, personalities, confidence and, yes, attitude!

The Hair Doc is an expert on stylist manners and etiquette, with emphasis on styling hair of all textures–inclusive of all cultures and races, from African American hair to Anglo to Latino to Asian textures and densities. She is highly effective in helping her industry peers diversify their styling and customer service skills and not limit themselves to any one particular type of hair or ethnic client.

But just as she seeks to educate her clients, Nadine is eager to learn from them as well. “My clients have taught me valuable lessons about the human element of customer service . . . how treating them with the utmost respect and listening to their special needs is as much a part of their satisfaction as a great hair care experience,” she shares.

Keeping up with hair care/styling trends also means keeping up with today’s–and tomorrow’s–technologies that benefit her clients and their convenience. Thus the new Nadine’s World app is now available to download from both the iTunes and Android app stores. Nadine can also take appointments via the StyleSeat app and, a time-saving beauty appointment site on the web.

Enter Nadine’s World and experience the transformation you’ve always felt you deserved–today!–at the hands of one of the industry’s most gifted experts. Nadine, it’s my pleasure to honor you as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s Pamperee for your invaluable contributions to the beauty industry.

Download the Nadine’s World app today at:

Connect with Nadine at Nadine’s World on the web:



“I am still a work in progress. Once you stop learning, adapting and evolving in this industry, just as in life, the world leaves you behind. And I have no intention of that.” -Nadine Branch, Hair Doc

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Haircare Entrepreneur Ms. Nadine "Hair Doc" Branch, Owner, Nadine's World

Haircare Entrepreneur Ms. Nadine “Hair Doc” Branch, Owner, Nadine’s World



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Romance by Rg2®: Goodbye, Winter: A Love Letter

Champagne bath


(Rated Rg2: Women Readers Only)


My Love,

Remember when I discovered your birthmark . . . in the far reaches of your bodily hinterlands? 

It was a cold, chilly, hazy night. The dead of winter. I promised to relieve you of all shivers and quivers. My gentle methods proved effective, no? 

I planted prolonged kisses upon and around that distinctive dermal marker. The fire I’d created in the hearth had just reached mid-flame, hitting its warm-the-room stride, lights silenced, the only electricity generated sourced from our touch-so-much duality. 

Chemistry . . . in the dead of winter. 

The outdoors frigid. The indoors rigid–in all the right places, at all the right moments.

You didn’t need me. Your self-sufficiency is legendary. 

But you wanted me. In the dead of winter. Hearth aflame. Emotions inflamed. Mutual blame . . . leaves neither of us culpable to regret-making. 

Second-guessing is for the foolish. Winter was calling. Was my methodology appalling? Or exceptionally enthralling?

I searched.

And discovered . . . a hidden treasure in the far reaches of your epidermal hinterlands. I promised not to reveal to anyone outside of ourselves my discovery. A fierce promise keeper, I.

The dead of winter is saying its goodbyes, my love.

But I can’t.

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday. And I’m in the mood for rediscovery. With an eye toward spring.

The setting will be different tonight. The hinterlands are now the eden oasis of pre-spring. With champagne on ice.

My own birthmark is in need of a finder–tonight. You will be its keeper.

Goodbye, winter.

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love. Tonight.





Romance. The ultimate discovery. -Rg2


© 2014 Romance by Rg2®




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