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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 210: Goodbye, Pamper-Her-Friday? Silicon Valley Venture Capital Group Makes Offer for Rg2 Trademarks/Anthology: An Emotional Love Letter

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My Sweet,
They want to buy Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2. And license Romance by Rg2.

A venture capital group from the bay area has set its sights on my trademarks. Who knew . . . Silicon Valley has a vested interest in romance—the way I’ve been doing it.

I received the proposal this morning. No bones made. They’re offering eight figures for the out and out rights to Pamper-Her-Friday. And they’re amenable to licensing Romance by Rg2 instead of a complete, final sale.

When I inquired why they wanted PHF cleanly but were open to a strategic partnership on Romance by Rg2, the majority investor explained that Pamper-Her-Friday would be easier to market under various umbrellas (products, services, holiday themes, etc.) without need of my proprietary creativity/writing.

He mentioned Romance by Rg2 was much more an exclusive product of my hand- and mind-print—it would be next to impossible to hire a romance writer with my unique voice to assume the role. “We couldn’t hire ‘authenticity,'” he said.

So I would keep the copyrights/trademark rights to Romance by Rg2 and take royalties while they would get a cut on all literary and peripheral merchandise.

Fair enough on that score.

But parting completely with Pamper-Her-Friday, Love? Gosh, my heart is aching as I write this.

Everything’s for sale in America. Every man (and woman) has his price, right?

I founded Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2–the concept, the vision–on a pre-dawn Friday, roughly 2-ish a.m., no one but me and my laptop, a glass of Irish cream on ice . . . and thoughts and recollections of all the women who’d graced my life to that point. The hurts, the rejections, the loves won and lost, the mothers and daughters and aunts and singles who deserved to be made to feel special despite the reality of their lives.

My father and mother the birthers, the guiders of everything I ever wrote.

Out of thin air, from the ground up, void of a blueprint, part imagination/part experiment/part experience/all raw, unadulterated, share-it-with-the-world-without-fear heartspill: Pamper-Her-Friday.

Damn, someone’s been reading, watching and noticing after all. I always knew you were, but you care about me, your interest was requisite—at least in my heart of hearts. Realistically, my dream was not your dream. I’ve always understood that. That’s why I never made demands on your attention, your assistance, your time in my endeavor.

But you gave. Because you believed.

I don’t want to part with Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2. But as I contemplate the offer, some kind of clarity comes to my mind: It was always my intent to share PHF with the world, globally, as if it wasn’t ever truly mine to begin with, but a gift to the world, for people of all persuasions to indulge, interpret, revel and share in what it means to them and their lives.

This moneyed group has the resources to truly take it global, which was always my vision from its origins.

My only reluctance? I remember Mark Zuckerberg responding to the question why he never sold facebook when companies like Microsoft and other behemoths were offering huge sums. His answer: “I may not have another idea as great as facebook.”

As much as that was a business answer, there was emotion therewith also.

Pamper-Her-Friday is an emotional concept, no doubt. Perhaps more emotion than business/commercial plan, you know?

I can do a helluva lot with 8 figures, Love. Re-retire my mother. Set up the foundation (a long-time dream), continue my Warren Buffett investments, though on a much much larger scale!, treasuries/bonds investments well into the coming decades, water rights . . . hell, innovate new ideas and technologies with my Rg2 romance theme as the foundation of each.

And take care of you for as long as air and life emanate from your very lungs, woman.

I fell to my knees on receipt of the proposal. My eyes, I’m not ashamed to reveal, teared like rivers in mid-stream. Not because I thought God would ever forsake me.

But because my work has not been in vain. My living indeed has meaning after all.

I’ve a few days to ruminate on all of this, Love. I need them. Even more, I need you to come into my space. I want to hear all your thoughts, your questions, your concerns regarding all of this.

I need your mind, heart and soul tonight.

It’s Pamper-Her-Friday, Love. Its meaning will never be for sale because it’s priceless.

Just as what we share.




Believe. -Rg2

© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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