Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 213: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (14): ‘The Poetic Aura of Arkay’

11 Apr
Arkay Evans, Author, Poet, Mentor, Woman of Purpose

Arkay Evans, Author, Poet, Mentor, Woman of Purpose


“The Poetic Aura of Arkay”


The beauty in highlighting the multi-facets and -talents of Pamper-Her-Friday Pamperees resides in being able to take poetic license in writing their fascinating stories. I could fudge. I could embellish. But what would be the point? Especially when the story’s as compelling as that of Arkay Evans. She not only takes poetic license to new heights in her work.

She may well be the license issuer.

The founder of RK Evans Communications, violinist since age five, professional mentor, and published author of two must-read poetry collections, Ms. Evans fuses poetry, prose, a voracious reading appetite, and a keen “innerstanding” of the human emotional spectrum for the foundation of her creative works and mentor blogging. Communication, work ethics, personal development/relationships, and smart living are among the topics that encompass her mentoring skill mix.

“My creative works run the gamut of human experience and imagination,” says the St. Louis-based bard. “The focus of my work is largely on practical application, how we’re all connected by love and stronger in the actualization of that unity.” As a poet, Arkay does readings for corporate, nonprofit, and private special events, including grand openings, trainings, workshops, weddings and ceremonies.

She also offers one-on-one and group counseling, as well as workshops on goal attainment for women and young adults. “Lots of positive reinforcement and work on cognitive behavioral alignment to produce results,” she explains. “If nothing changes, nothing changes. I teach that faith is a verb.”

Ms. Evans’s published works are “Christians Under Construction” and “A Woman of Purpose: Secure in Faith Through Difficult Times.” The books deal with personal relationships, divine connection, and truths that are often blocked by the lies we tell ourselves.

Shares Arkay: “We are all parts of the same whole. It’s quite a job to get out of your own head to share positive energy in poetry without obstruction, but there is just nothing like seeing that spark come alive in the unsmiling eye. There is great power in the pen, and I aim each day to be a better steward.”

“A Woman of Purpose” has been published as an ebook and is currently available on The paperback is being published by Canada-based Soul Asylum Publishing. “A Woman of Purpose” has also been developed as a spoken word audio book. Arkay’s next project, as yet unnamed, is a collection and audio book of soulful poetry on the maintenance of long-term love, romance and sensuality—combining her creative work with her love of music, bringing a new dimension to her craft.

Ms. Evans will be performing readings this Sunday, April 13, to celebrate the grand opening of The Nile Garden Bookstore in the African American Museum of Beginnings in Pomona, Calif., from 1 to 5 p.m. Attendees can expect a thought-provoking if not awakening performance from one of the spoken-word craft’s very best.

Because you represent the very essence of a Pamper-Her-Friday Pamperee, Arkay, it is my privilege to honor you and your life-enhancing creative work in behalf of the countless people you continue to touch all over the world. A difference-maker you are.

Connect with Arkay and support her life-affirming work:
Download “A Woman of Purpose”:
Website: and
Arkay’s Spoken Word Works:



“Writing isn’t what I do. It is who I am.” –Arkay Evans

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