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Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 218: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (17): ‘The Patina of Patrina’

photo credit/video shot and directed by Alan Beukers

The Evocative Patrina Morris, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist; photo credit: Alan Beukers


“The Patina of Patrina”

Every once in awhile a music artist emerges from time’s benevolence to remind us of the elemental life treasures we take for granted. Water to cleanse and replenish. Oxygen to revitalize. And the fragile harmony that lives within each of us, begging to restore internal balance but constantly challenged by fears and chaos.

Somewhere between the shore’s majestic edge, a tropical rainforest’s lush natural foliage, and a setting sun’s sherbert sky is the element that is Patrina Morris.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and animal lover, the India-born Ms. Morris, of Anglo-Indian heritage, pairs her vocal instrument with her string instrument to render a rich, soothing blend of Bossa/Brazilian rhythms and vibes, ‘70s folk, and timeless jazz—with love, truth, whim and wonderment at the heart of it all.

A former model who’s graced the pages of the Italian and German editions of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire magazines, Patrina’s front-of-the-lens work served only to scratch her artistic surface, in fact masking the passions that lay beneath, begging for expression. “I had to stop [modeling] for people to take me seriously in the music business,” Morris recalls. “I’ve spent many years learning my craft and working with amazing people from all genres along the way. I’m still learning and, for sure, I would have found my home in music regardless . . . modeling just gave me the strength and courage to try and fulfill my dreams.”

Discovered on a few years ago, Ms. Morris has since released three EPs: “Stories I never told you”; “Lies Fall Away”; and “Even in the End” have all met critical acclaim and are as easy on the ear and nourishing to the soul as any music ever gifted to a rapt audience. Her fourth EP, as yet untitled, is set for release later this year.

Tell me a fun secret about yourself, I asked, something few if anyone knows about the Portugal-based chanteuse whose music is part elixir, part tonic, with nostalgic beach samba-like, come-hither elements that cannot be resisted: “I talk to myself and my ‘furries,’ my dog and kitten kats [sic] all day long . . . kinda like therapy—for what, I have no idea,” she laughs.

Funny she’d use that particular word, therapy. For that is undoubtedly the patina that is Patrina Morris’ artistic work. Therapy each time one hears her gentle vocals.

It’s my privilege, Patrina, to honor you as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s Pamperee for your distinctive vocal and songwriting works and contributions to the music arts. Your therapy is life enhancement.

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“I am, honestly, equally fulfilled in both . . . perhaps the performing is a little more exciting sometimes as you get to see in reality what your songs mean to others and how you do or can affect their lives with music . . . such joy to see the smiles!” -Patrina Morris

© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


 video shot and directed by Alan Beukers

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Romance by Rg2®: What Happened to Us? . . . A Love Letter

image: by anglas

image: by anglas


Dear ___________,

I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life.

I’ve never shared this with anyone, but as I got closer to graduating, I became less and less sure and secure about what it was I was gonna do afterward. I had no idea.

I couldn’t articulate that to anyone then. I know that on the surface, to someone else looking at me from a distance, it’s logical to graduate and get a good job, marry, start a family and live. And truthfully, I had those aspirations in my heart and mind, like most other people–it’s the arc, the full circle of life as we know it.

I still harbor those feelings, those wants, and dreams. But, even then, as a much younger guy with no real-world experience in both life and career, and so little to offer to a woman but a “promise,” I knew I would have to put off those aspirations for awhile, for such awhile that I didn’t truly know or have a firm idea when or at what point in my life that I would eventually settle down.

I truly felt there was something in me that was different or distinct and was building and festering and forming, but what it was or the form it would take I had no idea. I didn’t want to marry, start a family and embrace the responsibilities of those monumental steps when I was so disenchanted inside, not nearly whole inside, not truly “ready” as a “man in full” to be the man that you so richly deserved, that your family truly deserved me to be.

I loved your family, God knows. You had, have, both your parents who love you dearly. I saw that right away and didn’t take that for granted. They are special people. Very special. I realized that in order for me to be able to look into your father’s eyes man to man and have him respect me and bless me with you, I would have to step up, without equivocation, without any reluctance, with a firmness and readiness that he would understand, embrace and respect.

That’s what I wanted to be able to give to you and them. And you definitely–by far!–deserved that. But I also knew that I wanted a career, a life work, that I would be fulfilled and happy in, so that I could be in position to bring that happiness and fulfillment home, not bitterness or resentment or disenchantment from having life dictate its terms to me based on decisions I had made out of circumstance.

I had no idea I would be an entrepreneur. Even what you see now with regard to my work is the result of the life I’ve lived–both real and imagined/created–up to this point. The many mistakes I’ve made, the many disappointments I’ve been dealt, the defeats and hurts . . . they’re now coming to the fore in the form you see. But even that is out of necessity.

Out of desperation.

This is the final push for me, an attempt at entrepreneurship because it’s what my heart and soul burn for–and I’ve tried and failed at nearly everything else. I’ve never married nor had kids because I just haven’t made time for that part of my life to develop. I wouldn’t have been good for you then and the subsequent years thereafter; I wasn’t whole.

My decision to go away without closure, to go away period, certainly wasn’t you or anything you’d done. You frankly are a precious jewel–always. You were the most precious and tender and lovely woman that’s graced my life. I saw some of the more recent photos–I swear, you are even more beautiful now as then. Your babies are the image of you: smart, respectful, handsome, beautiful and kind. You are blessed. Beyond.

I’m still finding my way. My work is not done. In many respects, I think I’ve made my work my life, good or bad, you know?

I feel I don’t have a right to ask for your forgiveness. You’ve gone on, we’ve gone on. And you’ve been blessed with a beautiful family. He’s fortunate.

God has kept you. As I prayed he would.

I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. Forgive me the hurt and my transgression.

I hope.




Regret. Redemption. Romance.

© 2014 Romance by Rg2®


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