Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 219: It’s My Time: The Return of Rg2: ‘Jacuzzi Friday’

30 May

Jacuzzi night

“Jacuzzi Night”

Did you miss me last Friday . . .
Which part of your anatomy missed me most?
Did you visualize my hands on ya, an array . . .
Yeah, I’ve earned the right to boast

Those times I cuddled you, huddled over you
Alas, woman, you can’t forget,
I reinvented the art of pampering
And I’m just willing to bet

That mind migration you helplessly engaged
so uncontrollable your erotic thoughts,
The chocolate wine so gently aged
The romantically written forget-me-nots

It’s my time to write, make you the subject I might
give it all I have–are you worthy of that?
I need you to grant me this Friday night
I’m feeling like Hank Aaron at the bat . . .

Confident and strong–I refuse to lose
You may wanna keep record of my romance stats,
Orgasms galore, gluteal massages so pure
Lathering your kinky mane, and gentle body pats

Each foot entoweled–toes, elbows to earlobes
I’m taking all bodily requests,
soft spinal taps and hidden treasure probes
I’m passing all your anatomical tests

It’s my time to soar, it’s your time to roar
It’s our time to unleash on one another,
You atop my chest after a second wine pour
Inch up, Love, but careful, don’t smother

Oxygen is so vital to my pampering operation
And you need me at optimum function,
We’ll make tonight a romantic marathon
I’m feeling excessively naughty, no compunction

You see, a woman just wants to let go . . .
To hell with Monday-through-Thursday restraint,
But safety and security she needs to know
No worries, Love, a one-nighter this ain’t

I love familiarity, damn, I’m territorial
My affections grow better with age,
A woman wants to be held since time immemorial
My love letters feature your name on each page

Intro: You; Body: You; Conclusion: You
My sole subject, but enough with the writing,
It’s time to board the lovers yaht
It’s Pamper-Her-Friday and I’m inviting

You, it’s true, just us two aboardship
A jacuzzi night set sail on the mid-seas,
We’re gonna rock the boat–I won’t let it tip
On water . . . and hands and knees

It’s jacuzzi night, Love . . . .



It’s time . . . to pamper the woman. -Rg2


© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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