Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 243: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (17): ‘A Pre-Holiday Romance’

19 Dec

Her kinda night


“A Pre-Holiday Romance”

The modern-day Woman Code insinuates
women have little need for men anymore,
I beg to differ . . . tonight I’ll make my case
It all begins with a holiday pour:

Two pedestal glasses filled with libation
A figure-8 pail of steaming luxe-liquid,
Betwixt-the-toes scrubs and gentle arm rubs
A lose-yourself ambience far from insipid

Is there a confession or two you’d like to make?
Perhaps I’ve been in your mind all week,
Seven whole days without a touch from me
So ready to unleash your inner freak

I won’t be a tamer, I’m making you the blamer
My multi-talents you may’ve underestimated,
Woman, I’m about to wreak romance havoc on you
No body parts will be misappropriated

All limbs spoken for, let me close the ivory door
I want all heat pockets trapped inside,
No moans will escape, mmm, your mouth is agape
Hold nothing back, let it ride, let it ride

Controlled aquatic chaos, tub currents may crest
I want you submerged from end to end,
With the organic sea sponge I intend to expunge
Any deep-muscle aches away I’ll send

As the fingers will walk and my hand palms talk
to each millimeter of the surface of skin,
Here we go: a mid-body float, the suds become moat
If the tingle rises unbearable . . . say when

Oh how I love the water level at mid-breast
The ideal portrait, my lady, methinks it would make,
With your hair tied honey bun, gosh, you’re second to none
Your hand placed on my chest for romance sake

You want to keep it right there as if my soul to bare
Tear away my shirt–you have the gall,
Tug on me, girl, you wanna hug on me, girl
Wet arms, hands, fingers and all

Yeah, that is so nice, your passion-filled kiss
But be mindful the interruption of your bath,
Don’t complain later I didn’t complete the job
Or have you already done the mental math:

The figure 8 is certainly divisible by 2
You’re motioning like you’re subtly making room,
Pulling me into your figurative camera lens
I think I like it–go ahead and zoom

You want me in . . . to satisfy your sudden yen
You don’t care if the water overflows,
Come here, Love, and sink your head into my chest
You’re a special woman and Santa surely knows

I’ve a stocking gift I want you to unwrap
A precursor to your favorite holiday,
Slip it on, I measured the diameter just so
I’m glad you love it . . . Happy Pamper-Her-Friday.



Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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