Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 244: ‘Romance for the Holidays’ by Rg2 (18): ‘What Christmas Means’

27 Dec

White Christmas


“What Christmas Means”

What’s your hurry, Love? Please stay put
My Christmas emotions are not unhurtable,
Have a look out the window there . . . brrrrrr
Come back to my arms, I’m feeling flirtable

It doesn’t have to end, our merry and mirth
In fact, I’m actually just getting started,
Share with me a romantic rebirth
My affections are begging to be imparted

All over you, tell ya what I’m gonna do:
My mother made her storied cornbread dressing,
The most succulent oven-baked yams, too
I’ll spoon feed you and call it a blessing

A sturdy winter roof over our tender heads
You’re in good health; indeed I have mine,
I harbor ill will for not a soul on earth
For no gifts I asked, still, Santa sent a sign

Your thoughts of me throughout the year . . .
Wondering what’s truly in the heart of the man,
Smiling, even tearing, at my romantic overtures
And now the love-in-waiting hour’s at hand

One must be careful the seductive build-up
Only to weather the inevitable let-down,
Frantic gift-buying, the frenzy can be trying
But is there an unspoiled joy to be found?

Like earlobe kisses and massage-your-hair blisses
as Nat Cole soothes from the acoustic speakers,
Admiring restored photos of your great-grandparents
Wow, just look at their eyes; those are secret-leakers 

Was love more pure during their time?
Especially when there was little materially to give . . .
Look at the way she stands securely in his arm
Yes, there is still majesty in this life we live

Let me show you what must remain hallowed:
The easy manner in which you lay in my lap,
Curled up like a cub in the safest den
Here, take another sip of the nightcap

Christmas hasn’t quite come and gone
These moments refuse to go quietly away,
Vanished forever into that good night?
No, no, not until I’ve had my say . . .

I love you, girl, you’re a blessing to my life
I thank you for accepting me the man you met,
Faults, foibles, shortcomings, and all
Still, you crave me with no regret

Which is why I’ve saved the best for last
This silent night after Christmas has a twist,
Here, open the gift I kept hidden from the tree
Hold still as I slip it on your wrist

You like it, eh? Gosh, you’re tearing up
Well, diamonds are forever, so they say,
And you thought last night was the gifts finale
How in the world could I forget Pamper-Her-Friday . . .

Merry Christmas, my angel.

(The woman’s in love.)



Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness . . . and Romance. -Rg2

© 2014 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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