Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 252: ‘Let the Weekend Begin’

07 Mar
Quietude and Restitude, the Pamper-Her-Friday Way

Quietude and Restitude, the Pamper-Her-Friday Way


“Let the Weekend Begin”

It’s Friday, after work, is there a better time?
My place, creature comforts, you will’ve wound down,
Release the hair and lose the shoes
While I turn the sounds down

Corporate noise and traffic chores
You’ve survived the hectic commute,
A peaceful idle I intend to create
No countless emails and chasing loot 

Shall we begin with a white zinfandel
Lasagna’s simmering in the oven,
The freshest pecans-and-berries salad
It’s time for exclusive weekend lovin’ 

Here, angel, a pair of feather-lined slippers
But first, a thorough calcaneus rub,
Circular motions are lovely notions
We’ll dip your toes in the steamy tub

A temperature bellwether, the gentle water,
of the varying pampering degrees,
I’ve an arsenal of body therapies
I’ll start with kisses on the knees

Why there, you might ask?
They’re often the source of aches and pains,
Any sign of osteoporosis
My hands will ensure that it wanes

Musicology is my methodology
Let me grab the karaoke mic,
“What You Won’t Do For Love”–Mr. Caldwell
I’ll croon it whispery, just as you like

It’s feeding time, my artful pantomime
will thrill you with enjoyment of each bite,
Let’s have another glass of zin
There’s plenty to sate us through the night

Pampering has found you, my lovely princess
You request the song on replay?
Whatever your wish on this easy night
I’m yours . . . it’s Pamper-Her-Friday.



Pamper the woman . . . the entire weekend. -Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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