Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 257: So Hillary’s Got Next . . . A Love Letter

18 Apr


The First Couple: © AFP/Robyn Beck

The First Couple: © AFP/Robyn Beck


Dear Mrs. Obama,

Less political than personal are my thoughts on this Pamper-Her-Friday. And you’re on my mind. Your being inundated with all things political I can only imagine becomes rather exasperating over time, though such is the life of the First Lady of the most powerful country in the universe.

It’s a worst-kept secret that I think highly of you, Mrs. Obama–for the most respectful of reasons, as given in past missives. President Obama may well be the most fortunate man alive; I feel that less with envy than honor. OK, perhaps just a hint of envy. Every man–worthy man–should be so lucky.

And the country is just as fortunate to have President Obama, and by extension his family, at its helm. I don’t need to delineate his administrative accomplishments and history-making feats, among them: Employment restoration; a breathtaking stock-market run; breakthrough healthcare; the comeback (and highly profitable) automotive industry; the historic Cuba reconciliation; and, among other precedents too many to mention, his and his team’s most vital–leading the country from near-financial collapse and mooring it in the most turbulent of economic times since the Great Depression.

Oh, and lest I forget, a scandal-free, back-to-back term of office that’s been as refreshing as it’s been effective.

President Barack Obama has been nothing short of a revelation. A much-needed revelation. A much-appreciated revelation. And should we ever have questioned him with a woman like you by his side? Hardly.

So Hillary’s got next?

Assumption and inevitability aside, I love the evolution of our America. Stands to reason that a woman, for all the right reasons, will ascend the throne. The brass ring, after all, is genderless–just as with President Obama, history has shown that the ring is sized only for the proper, deserving finger. Whether Hillary is truly deserving only a skillfully executed campaign and time will reveal.

These are exciting times for the country once again.

But I must say, whether a second Clinton or other candidate is chosen, she/he has a pair of exceptional shoes to fill. It’s almost humorous: All the Obama critics not only have been proven wrong, they are all likely living better now (documented by both their household and business/investment balance sheets) than at any time in recent history, thanks, of course, to Obama policies.

No, the record isn’t perfect. But politics is the art of compromise, not flawlessness.

So Hillary’s got next? I like her odds. Though I’m not a wagerer.

But let me say, should you ever have the notion to run for office, the highest in the land or otherwise, it’s a given:

My vote is forever yours.

President Obama is a fortunate American president, a fortunate man. These United States are even more fortunate to have him and the Obama family.

I thank you for your unforgettable service. You now belong to both the annals and the ages.

Tender are my thoughts,

Nota bene: Pamper-Her-Friday blessings I send.



Pamper the woman . . . with utmost appreciation. -Rg2

© 2015 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

 First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama

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