Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 305: ‘Spring Break for Romance Sake’

25 Mar

Spring dream


“Spring Break for Romance Sake”

I highly recommend you take a needed break
from your regularly scheduled corporate-devoted life,
Companies are built to be immortal—you’re not
A rendezvous could be the ideal anti-strife

Will you consider a fling to inaugurate spring . . . ?
I sense your winter hibernation’s eager to expire,
The awakener, I, of your flora/fauna spirits
An open-air space where we can gently retire

To hints of warm sun to bathe your bare shoulders
Giving way to flower songs through to an easy dusk,
By chance, are you the owner of a billowy white dress?
Fresh coconut smoothies . . . I’m cracking the husk

Barefoot in the meadow so rich with golden hues
We’ll pick dandelions, relive a second innocent age:
Blowing their feathery crowns aflutter in the wind
Your enthusiasm’s awakened, as far as I can gauge

Photos of you amid the daffodils and marigolds
We’ll pluck and then sample the honeysuckle sweets,
Does it remind you of how carefree we once were
So out of touch we’ve grown from nature’s visual treats

Come, I wanna take you to the edge of Kyle’s Creek
Whispery quiet we’ll be as the birds take their drink,
See the tadpoles and minnows evolving their lives
Isn’t this the perfect hiding to get away from groupthink?

You know, we’re losing these—nature’s geographic gifts
Federal and private ownership their only saving grace,
But development is avaricious and couldn’t care less
God help us our addiction to the relentless money chase

I’m babbling on . . . How are you, truly, angel, how are you?
How’re your mother and father . . . how’s everything going?
Sometimes we lose sight of living from existing
I wanna open my spring with you lest the unknowing

Stay lodged in my mind like the ask I never gave
When February escaped and the Ides of March, too,
Is there a chance of romance in a second spring fling?
We’re deserving of a rendezvous with nature—Part 2

Next Friday?


Pamper the woman . . . . -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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