Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 306: ‘Woman on the Mind’ (Rated Rg2: Reader Discretion Advised)

01 Apr

Dinner afterdark

“Woman on the Mind”
Woman, you entered my creative mind this morning . . .
Took up residence, didn’t even bother to knock,
I wish you hadn’t done such a provocative thing
For now I find myself glancing at the clock
Mentally counting the milliseconds, the seconds . . .
the minutes to dawn of that pivotal day of the week,
You know: Monday, Me; Tuesday, You; Wednesday . . .
Alternating thoughts we’ve yet to verbally speak
A brief message here, a phone tickle there
Your fragrance seems to emit from my handheld,
Managing to keep a lid on my impulses–barely
Two souls floating uninhibited could likely meld
Maybe I’m wrong, but you long for pampering
And I’ve been blessed with the most gifted hands,
While Dr. Carson was performing neurosurgery
I’ve been perfecting the elements of higher romance
No, I’m no journeyman; I’ve gone largely untouched
Unblemished, unspoiled, untainted still,
A man doesn’t know what he’s doing ’til 40
My apprenticeship’s been anything but run of the mill
The many facets of your life I’m keenly attuned
Education; career achievement; material playthings,
Spirituality; Emotionality; Self-actualization
And then those silent moments when the skin sings . . .
After-dark songs, let’s do away with the thong
Aeration heightens the art of stimulation,
Yes, there’s an art to the pamper-her endeavor
I’ll introduce you to osteopathic articulation
Skin’s relationship to muscle’s relationship to bone
Must all be in harmony with the comprehensive mind,
The unclothed body naturally seeks full health
Though it responds most to the touch of a distinct kind
You will be speechless, so gleefully speechless
Except the occasional outburst of ooh and ahh,
Lambrusco on the palate, Pete Belasco on horn
And on the neck and earlobes I will gently gnaw
Time well spent, my, how it came and went
Unfortunately lush pampering doesn’t wear its stay,
The most precious things are of limited supply
My promise is an unforgettable Pamper-Her-Friday.
Pamper the woman . . . meticulously. -Rg2
© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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