Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 312: ‘The Obama–Rg2 Summit’ A Love Letter

20 May

Antibiotic-free dinner


Say, Pretty Woman,

President Obama and I had a smoke the other day on the balcony of the West Wing, while you were frolicking on the sands of Cabo or was it touring the vineyards of the picturesque Napa Valley(?), or, well, whatever you were doing, it certainly wasn’t with me.

Anyway, the commander-in-chief and I were swapping how-today’s-women-treat-good-men war stories. I told him about this particular woman from Kansas with whom I’d been looking forward to sharing dinner. The president paused a presidential moment, took a puff, and said, “Kansas women are among the most intelligent, most romantic women in the country—if you can ever catch up with ’em.”

Incredulously I said, “Well, what about Lady Michelle? She’s from Chicago.”

The president took another, more exaggerated puff, exhaled coolly, and replied, “I still ain’t caught up with her, Roy.”

We both nearly tumbled off our chairs laughing.

Man, I’m gonna miss President Obama and the first lady at the center of American political life. And, ominously, the country’s gonna miss him at the helm, too.

For all the low expectations, quiet fears, phantom anxieties and purely unsubstantiated dislike for him by more than half the country, especially at the start of his term, the Obama brand has simply gotten better with time.

Did you hear or read about what he just did? Extending overtime pay eligibility to those making above the mid-twenties in salary to just under $50K may not seem like much at first glance, but it impacts millions of workers.

As you can imagine, the resistance from the other side of the aisle is thick. And big business is bristling. But the little guy and gal need an advocate too.

I give the president an A for the try. He’s going out swinging . . . actually saving some of his best work for the ninth inning.

But back to you, woman.

I guess if the president still hasn’t caught up with the beautiful Lady Michelle after these many years, my chances of your company for a simple, elegant dinner don’t look exactly promising, do they?

The president did leave me with a gem, however: “A woman, no matter how busy she is, leaves just enough room in her mind for the ‘possibility’ . . . the pampering possibility.

“As strong and independent as she is, Michelle loves to be pampered.”

With that, the president and I shook hands, exchanged a brother-man hug, and I thanked him sincerely for his invaluable time. He mentioned before I parted that he’s looking to write his memoirs and if I’d be interested in the ghostwrite.

“Absolutely,” I rushed.

“Deal,” the president replied, “But I want to hear how your dinner went with the lovely Kansas artful dodger.”

“You got it, Mr. President.”

I don’t need a presidential directive to prompt me nor to persuade you. But the “pampering possibility” has an intriguing ring to it, no?

And what do you know, it’s Pamper-Her-Friday.

What’s the possibility of your company tonight?




Pamper the woman . . . for possibility sake. -Pres. Obama

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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