Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 325: ‘The Friday Chocolatini Affair’: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (89)

26 Aug



“The Friday Chocolatini Affair”

Is it true your shoulders have begun to feel abandoned?
Have moist-whispers-along-your-neck visits been revoked?
Fed up with the impostor posing as summer love?
Have your primordial desires ever truly been stoked?

Face it, your Friday-after-work sighs have grown longer
The L.A.-back-to-the-Inland Valley commute is brutal,
Even in the opulent BMW you’d rather be a passenger
And all strategies to arrive home quicker prove futile

The “home sweet home” doormat never looks better
than after a week of sparring with ceaseless job demands,
What if a handsome servant arrived only moments after
And gently cradled both your aching feet in his hands

His medical bag he sets upon the living room table
Behold, his pamper-her bag takes its place alongside,
The contents of neither will exacerbate body discomfort
Woman, Dr. Heal/Mr. Thrill is about to turn the tide . . .

Tell me, where does it hurt? So I can gently insert
a cluster of witch hazel-doused gauze betwixt the toes,
Each heel deserves an extended emollient rub
The mahogany device? I won’t yet reveal where it goes

A slow topical solution layered on for soothing effect
Suction cups and a riveting finger-puncture exercise,
Organic-flower balm inspires an epidermal calm
A simple nod of your head permits me to improvise

Won’t you arrange your hair in a Korean-style bun
As I position the fluffed towel beneath your neck’s arch,
With your hand on my shoulder, rest your arm atop mine
Now close your eyes as I engage a double-palm march

From forehand to wrist to forearm to bicep
Exerting pleasure pressure on the tense shoulder blades,
The bundles of nerve endings are loosening their grip
A pang at base of your neck? I’m ensuring it fades

A professional thigh-master am I, like an erotic samurai
On a mission, a welcome duty, for the pamper-her cause,
But before I delve further into my favorite inner region
I suggest we take a strawberry-garnished chocolatini pause

Let’s sip and berry dip, mmm, when it drips from your lips
My job as your summer bather you’ve just upped the fun,
Silky feel the thighs, careful, you’ll awaken a surprise
There’s no question our Pamper-Her-Friday has now begun

(to be cont.)


The best pampering begins on Friday. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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