Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 326: ‘The Friday Chocolatini Affair Part 2–Lights Off’: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (90)

02 Sep

Nite bath


(Double Rated Rg2: Exclusively Women)


“The Friday Chocolatini Affair Part 2—Lights Off”

Close your eyes, woman, give yourself to the water
If I have to repeat myself, I’m leaving—pronto,
I have no interest in role playing this evening
You’re void of control tonight—I’m the head honcho

Lights off; candles on, the steam’s increasingly dense
Summer heat seeps as the humidity becomes thick,
A thermostat adjustment at your request I’ll oblige
And a chocolatini refresher? I’ll make it quick

A creamy drizzle carousels the lip of each glass
Continuing the sweet seepage along the tender arms,
I’m your official dessert taster, absolutely no waster
Don’t fret if I happen to set off body alarms

Such as those strategically located near the ribs
And the couple hot spots astride the lower spine,
The cartilage comprising each earlobe is vulnerable
You quiver as I lip-tinker your neck…a telltale sign?

You’re not much of a fighter against this gentle biter
Good, there’s no point in feigning resistance,
Ease up, now rest your bottom on my hand like so
Now ride the buoy, body ahoy! yes, my insistence

In serving unparalleled pampering pleasure to you
Woman, there is no other west of the Mississippi,
Who matches the meticulousness, the erotic viciousness
of this Friday mixologist who has you borderline tipsy

Drunk in love, all night, I’m keeping the suds above
the rim of the tub like a blanket covering your silhouette,
So that my hands disappear into the ivory morass
in search of treasures so valuable when moist and wet

A kneecap sighting, my, are they scrumptiously inviting
A choco-drizzle in circle formation I’ll gladly trace,
Sampling the sweetness at 90-degree angles
Evidence of naughty indulgence pasted on my face

You like? I like; thank goodness you possess two
Perhaps I can make the other one jealous with attention,
Float on, my lady, as the tide rolls along just maybe
You’ll erupt from the motion, oh, did I fail to mention

Bubbles may surface to perform a topside dance
Funny they appear in tandem with your exhalations,
Easy, let’s not cause a tidal wave of suds overboard
Unless you’re sending ready-for-more intimations

At your leisure, your discretion, I serve at your pleasure
If you’re ready for landfall, then anchors aweigh,
My pamper-her bag contains a host of other surprises
As we continue Part 2 of this Pamper-Her-Friday.


The best pampering begins on Friday. -Rg2

© 2016 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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