Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 334: ‘To Pomona With Love: Pamper Her Politically’ A Love Letter

28 Oct



“To Pomona With Love”

Dear Pomona Voters,

A city once revered for its commercial citrus heritage and a former home to multiple aerospace industry stalwarts such as General Dynamics, Pomona since the late 1980s has seen its share of tax-base abandonment, political decline, and demographic evolution.

Once an Inland Valley jewel among such well-run sister cities as Claremont, Upland, La Verne and San Dimas, Pomona’s economic demise over the course of two decades had left it a less than desirable residential and corporate destination.

Void of integral, visionary leadership, the city, many outsiders concluded, had seen its best days. As a native son of the city and the community, I can bear witness to the hard times. But I’ve never neglected to see Pomona’s promise despite the doubters and critics.

I believe I represent the best of what this city, this rich, vibrant community offers–and what it can be in the days and years ahead. Pomona is primed for rebirth and resurgence, and firm, thoughtful, smart leadership is crucial to its future. A future I believe I embody more fully and genuinely than my fellow candidates.

I’m Tim Sandoval and I’m running for mayor of the great city of Pomona. If you believe as I do that we deserve a strong, safe, family-devoted, economically viable city, I ask for your vote . . . .

Ideas win the future . . . and the woman. -Rg2

© Rg2 ProseWorks/Roy Greer, Political Speechwriter, Strategist

(Roy Greer, a behind-the-scenes political operative/strategist, is recognized as one of the shrewdest, most effective political/funding writers in the Western Hemisphere. Greer is a registered Independent. His strategic communication services are bipartisan: If you want to win, regardless of party affiliation, and your aims are people-first for a better quality of life for voters, Greer delivers results. “Voters want to be pampered, truth be told.” -Rg2)

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