Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 351: ‘I Can’t Help But Crave You Tonight’: A Naughty Love Letter

11 Mar


(Rated Rg2: Mature Women Readers Only)

“I Can’t Help But Crave You Tonight”

Dear Vegas Lover,

My body needs you tonight.

This French Moscato simply won’t suffice. If anything, it’s heightening the desperation.

I swear to my God above, I won’t hurt you. Have you ever known me to hurt you, your skin, your lips, those shoulders having borne the weight of a cruel world that gives so little damn about you?

I do.

My lawyers have begun the process of registering the trademark for Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2 internationally, China and India especially. Evidently, women are being mistreated in nearly all corners of the globe, our research reveals. Enough already.

I’m only one man. I can’t remake the world. So few know me intimately.

But you do.

I can’t help but crave you tonight. Can’t help it.

I haven’t shared my body with any other. Call me stubborn. Call me naively loyal.

I can’t help it. You’re an angel in disguise.

But I’ve blown your cover, woman. No one but me. It’ll always be.

Have you thought of me this week? What’s the best day of your week?

Damn right it’s Friday.

Come to these arms of mine, Vegas Lover. Run to me as you would no other man in this God-forsaken world. There is safety here. There is belonging here. There is won’t-let-go-of-you here . . . these arms of mine.

Friday is ours. I’ve trademarked it. There’s not a man alive who does Friday the way I do.

It’s yours. As am I.

What am I offering you this Pamper-Her-Friday that no other man alive can?


My all.

I can’t help it if I wanted to.

My body needs you. Is yours calling for me?

I want to pamper you tonight.

Your body’s calling.

Bring that ass to me, woman . . . .


Pamper the woman and her body is yours. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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