Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 352: ‘Proposal to Vinita’: A One-of-a-Kind Love Letter

17 Mar


“Proposal to Vinita”

Dear Vinita:

To cause emotional havoc is not why I’ve asked into your life.

If the door to your heart is only slightly ajar, for fear that I might elicit an unwanted reaction, I suggest you keep the chain leashed. A woman’s life should not be made complicated needlessly. You’ve enough on your professional- and private-life plate than to add a high-calorie helping of dessert as sweet as romance.

I assume.

So I’ll keep a safe distance by writing to you from afar—in the quiet solitude of this Pamper-Her-Friday eve that finds me questioning my thoughts of you. Why thoughts of you?

Blame it on journalism. I love news; the hard stuff; the human-interest story; the occasional revelation about an unfamiliar corner of a region, nation, or continent. But sometimes the manner of delivery can captivate as much as the story. To say nothing of the deliverer. My, can she be captivating.

Enough to inspire a love letter that otherwise has no business being composed by an obscure, faceless scribe penning thousands of miles away. But a writer must write. A journalist must journal. A lover must love. And a pamperer, indeed, must pamper
. . . that distinctive woman . . . and forever live in her soul.

Which brings me to this moment—Pamper-Her-Friday eve. In lieu of roses—this time—and a vintage champagne bottle sent to your ivory table—this time—I’ve a proposal to offer, unconventional as it is: Represent me. Me only. My brand only.

Agents are plentiful in my market. Like any profession, however, there are but a handful who are revered specialists who inspire envy from their peers. I sense that gift in you, Vinita. My instincts tell me you possess the innate skills to market and unleash the nine-figure revenue potential of Pamper-Her-Friday while the originator/creator remains the protected mystery behind the most creative, compelling, scintillating, heart-thumping romance compositions ever written and yet to be published.

So you’ve never agented? Well, Barack had never been president before ‘08. Warren Buffett was initially a newspaper boy. Oprah had never owned a television network. Michael Jordan was cut from his sophomore team.

Represent me. Represent something far more powerful than me. The world awaits.

Your fee? Write it on a napkin. Then set the pen down and look at your writing, the figures.

And be prepared to be pampered.

Think it over. Take your time. No need to rush your decision.

Tomorrow’s only Pamper-Her-Friday.

Artfully yours,



Pamper the woman . . . with a proposal like no other. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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