Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 356: ‘You Need a Spring Getaway, Woman’: A Pamper-Her Ode

14 Apr


“You Need a Spring Getaway, Woman”

Might it be that time on your electronic calendar …
When your mind escapes from your present locale,
Daydreaming at your desk with paperwork piled high
Romantic spring is in the air and you’re just the gal

For sun kisses on her shoulders, white sand beneath her feet
Breeze-tickled eyelashes and wind-brushed hair,
Fruit-medley garden salads and herb-infused ‘tinis
Dragon Berry Bacardi ice cream—two spoons to share

You want to run away, you want to be swept away
Rescued like a damsel in a lovely pastel dress,
Speaking of a dress, nothing quite like it turns me on
A woman with a hint of dainty takes me, I confess

After all, it’s spring, of new bloom, of new love
I’ve got the butterflies just thinking of you,
Forgive me if I stutter as I make your heart flutter
If your skies are hazy, mine are pristinely blue

On the west coast lives this most generous host
Who understands your need is hidden from view,
An escapade with serenades to break your monotony
I want to introduce you to my creative milieu

Chariot you, I will, in my Tesla convertible
It’s due to be delivered on springtime order,
I sold a tranche of stock for some pamper-her cash
They’ve eclipsed $300 per share this quarter

Come away with me, and if you can’t stay with me
For your responsibilities there are far too demanding,
Then allow me to crush the ball and break the chain
Woman, you need the freedom of flight with safe landing …

In my environs you’re at liberty to make yourself at home
By all means, let down your hair and bare your feet,
The air is springtime fresh and I promise to enmesh
you in a storybook dalliance with chivalry replete

My place? A Mayan-influenced, humble writer’s space
Featuring a sub-terrain wine dungeon—no dragon,
Sweet convo we’ll begin there as our buzz takes hold
Where events take us next I can only imagine

We’ll let spring have its way . . . on Pamper-Her-Friday.



Awakened is her romance in spring. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®

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