Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 374: ‘Lola’ An Intimate Intro Letter: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (102)

19 Aug



Dear Lola,

A man of instinct am I, for better or worse
Might you be a woman sensitive to climate change?
There’s something earthly precious in your eyes
On the other side of social media, you, but in range

Of Pamper-Her-Friday’s affectionate tentacles
What is it that you’re in want of this summer’s night?
You so exquisitely plan events for your clientele
But in the middle of darkness, who holds your light?

Lola, I feel something like social justice in you
A compassionate world citizen with special insight,
The preservation of nature and purity of human heart
Guide your intents…they can ease a man’s plight

Do you ever think of me, Lola, on a random Friday?
Ever have I been the content of your curious wonder?
So much of you operates on naked creativity
I believe we can match vulnerabilities over yonder

To simply elevate the human spirit and better life
I truly sense we have that in common, no?
I’ve never been to West Africa or graduated Howard
Though I remember walking the artery of Chicago

You might have been there those many years ago
But you wouldn’t have known me from an Adam,
Somewhat of a lost soul was I but conscious still
Pamper-Her-Friday was a concept I couldn’t fathom

There’s something in you that lives in me, woman
You’re much deeper than the materialism of Rome,
Phuck the BMW and the penthouse though nice both
A sanctuary we all seek, truth told, a spiritual home

We’re all hurting, Lola, the poorest of us are hurting
The Neo-Nazis are hurting, the alt-rights and alt-wrongs,
If decaying from within is our collective destiny
I wanna serenade your sweet soul with a few songs:

Amazing Grace . . . how sweet is the sound . . . save us
Heavenly Father, are we worthy of your resurrection?
It’s true we’ve done so much harm to one another
But to Lola, Father, I want to offer my affection

Summer’s approaching its end, the days grow shorter
I swear, Lola, I need to see you before it goes away,
Whether mid-desert, a river’s bank, or a shore’s edge
I simply want you to experience a Pamper-Her-Friday

…with me.

I’m yours tonight.



Pamper the woman . . . before summer ends. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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Posted by on August 19, 2017 in Pamper-Her-Friday


One response to “Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 374: ‘Lola’ An Intimate Intro Letter: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (102)

  1. Irene Lockett Williams

    August 19, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Roy, it’s the Summer Chemistry challenging You…Have a beautiful weekend…

    Oh, I loved !



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