Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 375: ‘Who’s Pampering You Tonight?’: ‘A Summer’s Romance Collection’ by Rg2 (103)

26 Aug


“Who’s Pampering You Tonight?”

It’s the end of another grueling week
Are you ready for your Pamper-Her-Friday fix?
What, you’ve never been pampered by a man who cares?
I’m on my way pronto, woman, on Route 66

Can we enter into a restrictive covenant:
If you’ll give solely to me your entire weekend,
Transport you will I from your present environs
To Santorini, where the azure skies ascend

We’ll escape the social madness engulfing the States
Let’s escape into the safety of one another,
Evening cuisine and nightbevs await you and me
I intend to get close but promise not to smother

Your free-wheeling nature, the winds are yours
The mountainscapes have both our names engraved,
I wanna touch your hand across our private table
Tell me the silk road to your heart is yet unpaved

Men have tried to make inroads, to no avail
I can’t say I’m shoulders above the rest,
I simply want to write my way to your mind’s door
How is it, woman, that you’ve become my only quest?

Your shoulders haven’t felt therapeutic fingers
The likes of which attached to my nuanced hands,
Babygirl, it’s not touch, but the quality of touch
Of you tonight I make absolutely no demands

Except you entrust your anatomy to this scribe
To relinquish your limbs from your sole possession,
You’ve held onto your vulnerability like a fear
What this feels between us is no intercession

We share something mystical, even extraterrestrial
Earthly beings among us couldn’t begin to understand,
Every third beat of your heart synchs to my own
Are you capable of deeply loving a distinctive man?

More than a weekend? I shan’t ask beyond
To do so is a selfishness I couldn’t justify,
From Friday to Sunday I crave each second of you
And come midnight, then, don’t expect a goodbye

From this romantic; who’s pampering you tonight?
I’m the only man capable of sweeping you away,
I only ask that you honor our sacred covenant
Let me pamper you on this Pamper-Her-Friday . . . .


Pamper the woman . . . before summer ends. -Rg2

© 2017 Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2®


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