Romance by Rg2®: ‘A Summer’s Romance’ Collection by Rg2 (41)–Season 2: ‘Hot Up in Here!’

10 Jul

black-and-white_romance (13)

“Hot Up in Here!”

I don’t know which marvels more at your toffee-almond skin, woman:
I or the jealous summer sun,
One offers vitamin, the other offers shoulder kisses
No need to choose just one

You can have it by day and me by night
Or you can alternate at will,
Its rays shan’t meet your inner thighs, try as it might
But I’m massaging my way in; Can I feel?

The warmth and its fragrance is manna from heaven
But I’ll add a few organic juice cubes,
Frozen by 7 and melted by 11
This is a private ero-development–no youtubes

Four miles my morning run, cardio par excellence
In before you open your sunrise eyes,
Lukecool the showerfall awaits us, hence
I have über-creative plans for the thighs

Sunscreen generously, methodically applied
Butter creams of cocoa and a hint of shea,
Yes, the ones I’ve chosen are quite the edible
Consider this an intimate summer soiree

Pat pat you dry so gently I will
But keep the bikini on the floor,
This summer love begs for a morning thrill
Come back to the water and close the shower door . . . .


It’s HOT up in here! -Rg2

© 2013 Romance by Rg2®

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