Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 202: The ‘Pamperee Profiles’ by Rg2 (5): ‘Indelible Dylan’

24 Jan
The Indelible Dylan Jenet Collins, A Siren Emerging

The Indelible Dylan Jenet Collins, A Siren Emerging


“Indelible Dylan”


You know that little girl that lives in every woman? I dare turn the notion on its ear: There lives a woman in each young girl. And when she emerges, it’s no less than a force unleashed. Such is Dylan Jenet Collins.

Her 16 years are an amalgam of innocence, grace, wit, substance, and unquestionable talent evolving. Put a mic in her hand and Dylan will reveal her very soul. Place a pen between her fingers and she creates lyrical alchemy. Gather an audience of thousands before her and she sates their musical cravings to overflow, wanting more when the curtain falls. To say nothing of her innate acting skills, having appeared in Disney’s Broadway Production of The Lion King as “Young Nala.”

Universal Republic Records took notice and hesitated not in signing her. The legend Stevie Wonder trusted his time-tested instincts and signed on as executive producer of her most recent project. And Ray Chew, the Saturday Night Live Band alum and American Idol musical director, saw enough to commit to being Dylan’s mentor.

The young woman is in good hands, dare I say.

A former Miss New York, Apollo Star of Tomorrow Award winner, and current spokesperson for TeenSationUSA, Collins is also a fashionista, designing both her own clothing and accessories. A force indeed. But a force is only as potent as its humility.

Says Dylan: “My parents have always made sure that I was always a part of our community. As a Junior Life member of the NAACP and Urban League Award Recipient, I have always given back and have volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Organization (my Grandpa Everett passed away from that awful disease), American Cancer Society (my Grandpa Clarence passed away from cancer) and worked closely with our local Domestic Violence shelter supporting women and their children.

“And I have always supported the plight of my Tribe, the Montaukett Indian Nation, as we have been working with the government to right the wrongs committed against my Tribe and I will be seeking to do more for Native Americans.”

Something’s happening in the realm of Pop music. A force is emerging. An ingénue is metamorphosing into a sophisticated siren. Her name?

Dylan Jenet Collins.

It’s my privilege to honor you, Dylan, as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s designated ‘Pamperee’ for your motivating influence and indelible contributions to music and visual arts. A life-enhancer you are.

Connect with Dylan at: Download her free app from your Droid or iPhone App Store and visit her And check out Dylan’s videography:



“I believe that by staying humble and working hard at what I love, there is nothing that is beyond my reach.” -Dylan Jenet Collins

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