Romance by Rg2®: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (10): ‘Something About Us’

31 Jan

How does it feel
to know that I worship you?
I removed her from the pedestal
Bid her hold on me adieu

Don’t ask what it was we shared
For that’s none of your concern
You say you require my romance in full
But are you ready to learn?

Women love to talk
But so very few listen
Sit down . . . No, sit down!
This is not about Tristen!

Yes, she made insinuations, advances subtle
But it was all innuendo,
Why’d you stop being tender?
I’m strong but intimacy I can’t forgo

This myth that all men are dogs
Wuff, wuff, there, is that what you want?
I walked away from her, didn’t look back
So, woman, keep the affront

I have nothing to bare, nothing to explain
When a man’s explaining, he’s losing,
You won’t admit, yet deep down you know
You care but keep refusing

To place your heart into my hands
Frankly, you’re no good at containment,
Your eyes reveal a disconnect
I understand what the pain meant

The lost and found aches we share
When our harmony is disrupted,
Is there anything more regrettable
Than a romance interrupted?

Romance . . . a myth? . . . says who?
You should question your girlfriends’ advice,
You’re at liberty to take counsel from whomever
But let them roll their own dice

I’m the cards secure in your hands
In fact, do away with the stack,
Luck has nothing to do with us
There’s nothing on your Valentine list I lack

Yes, I’m confident . . . so self-aware
But, woman, I work extremely hard,
No other man alive can do what I do
Those are my words printed in the card

Remember when LeBron said, “I ain’t got no worries . . .”?
The sentiment is shared by Jay Z
He kept his eye on the ball (not thighs)
His reward? A stunning “Queen B”

There’s a moral there for those who dare
question true love has gone astray,
Search your heart, girl, it won’t lie
I know it’s waiting for me to say

There is no other deserving of my woo
Now will you give in to what you feel?
I’m the standing truth in your eyes
And my ask, here and now, is real

May I . . . ?

Look at me, woman,

May I have your Valentine hand?


. . . something about us. -Rg2

© 2014 Romance by Rg2®

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