Romance by Rg2®: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (11): A Valentine Love Letter

31 Jan


My Angel,

Making love on Valentine’s Day is so underrated. Why? Because so few people do.

Make love on ValDay, that is.

Think a moment: The pomp and circumstance; the dinner and flower dance; maybe a kiss on the off chance . . . that everything unfolds according to plan.

Red fusion. Red crimson. Red velvet. Red rose. Everywhere. It paints a riveting theme. Damn, you in a red dress–the content of my dream last night. Nothing too skimpy or too provocative; no low, low-cut bustline leaving cleavage void of imagination. A calf-length form-fitter maybe baring a little shoulder.

Do women do that anymore? Gosh, that’s so underrated. A kiss on your hand the moment I arrive to you. That’s underrated. I’ll hold it there for a spell–your hand in mine–then lift it to about midway to my chest, while I lean forward, a half bow, to greet it. A kiss its reward. Actually my reward.

The hand, yours, was just made love to.

Your fragrance. Mmmm, how underrated. No other woman on this planet pheromones me as do you. My, that’s underrated.

Poetry? Written exclusively in your honor . . . for Valentine’s Day? I’m gonna recite the rest once I’m in your presence on the 14th, but here goes:

. . . with this bracelet I thee vow
Our Romance shall outlive the here and the now
. . . The moonlight through yonder window’s nigh
For your Valentine devotion, with whom must I vie . . . ?

Making love, true love, on ValDay is so underrated.

Let’s elevate it.



The Art of Romance. -Rg2


© 2014 Romance by Rg2®

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