Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 203: The ‘Pamperee Profiles’ by Rg2 (6): ‘The Charisma of Karen’

31 Jan
Karen Dumas: Author, Radio & TV Personality

                              Karen Dumas: Author, Radio & TV Personality                                     Photo credit: Monica Morgan


“The Charisma of Karen”


Resilient, relentless, determined–all apt descriptors of Detroit, a city seemingly hanging in the balance of ruin and revival. They also describe one of the city’s most devoted native daughters, Karen Dumas.

The once-storied automotive and Motown mecca had fallen on near-death times–the city that no other American city wanted to be. But tough times don’t make tough cities. They reveal them. So, too, do they reveal people. I’m putting my money on Detroit.

And, no doubt, on Ms. Dumas.

The former Chief of Communications & External Affairs for Mayor Dave Bing and the City of Detroit, and past Director of Culture, Art and Tourism, Karen is a respected radio and television personality and the founder and president of Images & Ideas Inc., a full-service boutique agency specializing in strategic communications and public relations.

Few Detroiters know and understand the political, economic, and social intricacies of the city as intimately as does Karen. Her seasoned perspective is local in precision–yet global in scope. Able to see, filter, and comprehend all angles and sides of an issue, an ability for which she is lauded by her peers, Karen is fair, witty, cerebral, and principled, all attributes she fluidly brings to bear when contributing to the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News papers as a guest columnist and as author of her newly re-released must-read on Kindle:

“In Other Words: A Collection of Thoughts & Columns,” hailed by readers as mind-provoking, insightful and inspirational.

Karen also gives back. “I give regularly to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (my patron charity), and I participate with We Are One Community to distribute food to the homeless on a weekly basis,” she shared. “More importantly, I commit to doing random acts of kindness every day.”

Resilient, relentless, determined . . . yes, they all describe Karen Dumas. But might I add one more descriptor? Winner. For that’s exactly what she is.

It’s my privilege to honor you, Karen, as this Pamper-Her-Friday’s ‘Pamperee’ for your tireless commitment to a better Detroit. And a better world. A life-enhancer you are.

Connect with Karen at: and Purchase and download her must-read book at: And follow her on Twitter: @karendumas.



“An industry or economic setback or controversy cannot hold back a city built on determination. Nor its people.” -Karen Dumas

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