Pamper-Her-Friday by Rg2® 211: The Pamperee Profiles by Rg2™ (13): ‘Debt-Proof Living according to Mary’

28 Mar
Mary Hunt, Founder, Debt-Proof Living & Everyday Cheapskate

Mary Hunt, Founder, Debt-Proof Living & Everyday Cheapskate


“Debt-Proof Living according to Mary”

This is what life has come to for a great many of us: We’re either trying to get rich . . . or slowly–perhaps quickly–dying trying.Whether it’s the celebrity on TV whose lifestyle sparks our envy, the neighbor across the street with the new Audi A6, the gotta-have-it-now new tech gadget, or that college loan that will seemingly forever be the financial noose around our necks, we’re perpetually chasing spend-now-worry-later nirvana.

Americans are top spenders and bottom savers. We have the household “imbalance” statements to prove it.

Mary Hunt says it doesn’t have to be that way. Her Debt-Proof Living (DPL) organization makes a powerfully persuasive case. Mary’s enterprise comprises an interactive website, a monthly newsletter, a daily syndicated column, and hundreds of thousands of loyal followers whose financial lives–and by turn qualities of life–have and continue to improve thanks to her commonsensical credo and consistent teachings: Consumer debt is deadly.

An award-winning and bestselling author, syndicated columnist, and sought-after motivational speaker, Mary has created a global platform that is making strides to help men and women battle the epidemic impact of consumer debt. Now in its twentieth year, DPL is dedicated to its mission to provide hope, help and realistic solutions for individuals who are committed to financially responsible and debt-free living.

In Mary’s world, being called a cheapskate has anything but a negative connotation. Her Everyday Cheapskate (EC) innovation is a daily email, via subscription, from the money-saving expert through which she writes about ways to save money on a tight budget. It’s free to sign up and the information is priceless.

Are you one paycheck away from financial catastrophe? One missed credit card payment away from FICO ruin? What about living beyond your means?

Has your fragile budget reached the very last stitch of its constantly stretched elasticity? You’re certainly not alone.

Mary’s been there–mired in debt fear, anxiety and helplessness. And she’s committed her life to debt-proof discipline and, even more, sharing her knowledge to enhance the lives of others.

This Pamper-Her-Friday’s Pamperee? It’s a no-brainer: Mary Hunt. I take pleasure in acknowledging the invaluable work of one of the web’s most worthy difference-makers. This writer’s a Debt-Proof Living disciple.

Are you?

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“Have you ever noticed that the time it takes to repay a debt is inversely proportional to the time it took to do the damage?” -Mary Hunt


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