Romance by Rg2®: ‘Memo to Sanaa Valentine’: The Romantic Valentine Collection by Rg2 (36) Vol. VI

04 Feb


February 2, 2018

PRIVATE MEMO TO: Ms. Sanaa Valentine

FROM: R. Greer II

RE: The Market Correction

The world’s not coming to an end, Sanaa, despite the 600-point drop in the Dow yesterday. I truly appreciate your thanking me for the fair warning I gave a few weeks ago regarding the frothiness of the stock market and the Bitcoin mania. And I thank you for taking heed and liquidating your holdings accordingly.

The breathtaking Obama 10-year stock market run is officially over. The recent tax cuts have got to be paid for and history says that doesn’t bode well for wage earners. Rising interest rates will further deflate the equities market. I’ll still monitor the markets for solid companies that will prosper in spite of the coming downturn—after all, there’s always a bull market somewhere.

Should the Trump administration get the massive infrastructure-spending bill through Congress, many industrial, engineering, some tech and related-services companies will benefit handsomely. Unfortunately, most of the companies have already reached—in many cases surpassed—their 52-week highs, so there’s not much lift to profit from as an investor. I’ll do my due diligence going forward.

Meanwhile, liquid savings will be akin to gold going forward. Some say “gold” itself is the investment to hold when the markets downturn and geo-political instability arises. There’s something to that. But I don’t wholly subscribe to the thought. After all, one can’t very well “eat” gold, can one?

Again, congratulations on your market winners. Do me a favor, would you? Put your profits away in a safe place . . . for a rainy day. The market’s been good to me as well, and what good is a profit if not shared with a beautiful woman?

I was just wondering, uh, well, it’s unseasonably warm here on the west coast for this time of year. What are your thoughts on a picnic . . . a Valentine picnic?

That is, if you don’t yet have a Valentine. Do you?

Tender are my thoughts,


A Valentine Romance lives. -Rg2

© 2018 Romance by Rg2®


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